How eMALDI works?
As illustrated in the video above, in conventional MALDI-MS detection sample droplets containing analytes such as proteins or DNA are evaporated on a metal plate. Heterogeneous residues are always left behind hampering the detection. eMALDI plates can suppress the heterogeneous residue formation and result in very homogeneous, concentrated residues in preassigned positions. When the samples are send to MALDI-MS for detecting their molecular signature i.e. mass spectra, the advantage of eMALDI becomes evident.  Samples dried on conventional MALDI-MS plate requires not only a time consuming search for hot spots but also  creates weaker signal. However eMALDI is fast, more sensitive and provides easy, fault free detection.  

eMALDI in action

In the video above two droplets are evaporated right hand side drop is on a eMALDI plate whereas the left hand side is one a conventional MALDI plate. Notice the difference when the droplets are fully evaporated.

eMALDI is a novel patented technology that transforms the popular analytical detection method MALDI-MS into a more sensitive, robust and faster method by solving a bottleneck in sample preparation stage.

The bottleneck: Despite its popularity, efficiency of MALDI-MS suffers from heterogeneous  residue formation during sample preparation step so called coffee stains effect (see the image in blue box and corresponding blue spectra in figure below). The heterogeneous distribution of analyte hampers the efficiency of the MALDI-MS evident from blue spectra in figure.

The solution: eMALDI technology evokes electrowetting to eliminate the undesired heterogeneous patterns  to achieve homogeneous distribution of biomolecules of interest for the MALDI-MS (see the red box in figure below).  eMALDI not only enhances the detection limits by boosting the signal-to-noise ratio but also makes the detection process faster by eleminating the need for time consuming search for hot  spots where the signal is abundant. The signal enhancement is demonstrated in mass spectra with eMALDI in red vs. the spectra with conventional MALDI MS in blue (enlarged in inset for clarity)

The benefits: The patented and unique eMALDI technology provides:

1. faster analysis

2. improved detection sensitivity

3. easy and fault-free analysis

for the popular analytical chemistry technique MALDI-MS.

The technology of eMALDI is protected under the following patent: "A method for treating a liquid drop".

  • World Patent WO2011\145929
  • European patent PCT\NL2011\050328, 2011  


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